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World's record break: Meet the dog with the longest tongue in the world

Inspired by the passing of the previous record holder, Mochi, Rocky's owner decided to pursue the record-breaking title.

World News: Rocky, a 9-year-old boxer from Illinois, USA, has officially clinched the Guinness World Record for possessing the lengthiest tongue among canines, measuring an impressive 5.6 inches. The proud owners, Brad and Crystal Williams, acknowledged that their beloved pet's unusually long tongue has often attracted attention and garnered remarks from strangers, thus solidifying their observations. Motivated by the news of the previous record holder, Mochi's passing, Rocky's owners made the decision to pursue the record and secure the prestigious title.

Ms. Williams was filled with excitement upon discovering that the new record requirements fell within the range of three to four inches. Overwhelmed with hope, she exclaimed, "Oh my goodness, I truly believe we have a shot at this. I need to thoroughly investigate!" Speaking to local outlet 25NewsNow, she shared her enthusiasm and emphasized the meticulous and comprehensive nature of the submission procedure. Before officially entering the competition, Ms. Williams diligently confirmed and reconfirmed the measurements, leaving no room for error. Despite enduring a prolonged period of anticipation, her perseverance paid off when she finally received a response, affirming the extensive duration of several months involved in the process.

To ensure accurate measurements, the Guinness team dispatched veterinarian Dr. Bernard Bleem to assess Rocky's tongue. After the examination, Dr. Bleem expressed his admiration for the canine, stating, "Rocky is an exceptional dog, and he truly deserves this recognition."

Rocky's remarkable achievement marked the dethroning of Zoey, a Labrador/German shepherd mix, who had held the title with her 5-inch tongue until just recently.