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Twitter's New CEO Linda Yaccarino Unveils Groundbreaking Strategies to Attract Advertisers and Transform the Platform

Twitter's CEO, Linda Yaccarino, is implementing tactics to lure advertisers back to the platform. These strategies involve incorporating video ads, forming alliances with celebrities, and expanding the company's workforce.
Latest Updates: According to a report by Financial Times (FT), Twitter's new CEO, Linda Yaccarino, is taking various steps to win back advertisers who left the platform during Elon Musk's time as CEO. These initiatives involve launching a video advertising service, actively recruiting more celebrities to join Twitter, and increasing the company's staff size.

Sources familiar with the matter reported that Linda Yaccarino, the newly appointed CEO of Twitter, plans to implement full-screen video ads with sound-on features. These ads will be shown to users while they browse through Twitter's recently introduced short-video feed.

As per an informed source mentioned in the report, Linda Yaccarino is currently in talks to explore a broader partnership with Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet. This collaboration would involve advertising efforts and potentially grant Google access to specific data from Twitter.

According to the newspaper, Twitter is looking to review its current contracts with technology companies such as, Salesforce, and IBM. The aim is to consolidate these contracts and form broader partnerships that involve more collaboration and cooperation.

In addition, Reuters previously reported that Twitter's strategy to revive its business goes beyond digital advertising. It involves placing emphasis on video, creator, and commerce partnerships.

After Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter in October, the company faced a challenging period with workforce reductions, content moderation issues, and the departure of advertisers concerned about inappropriate content.

Furthermore, Twitter's CEO Linda Yaccarino intervened to resolve a payment issue and improve the relationship between the company and Google, showcasing her management style as a proactive leader.

According to sources familiar with the matter, Twitter has started paying Google for its cloud services after a period of irregular payments. The unpaid bills recently reached over $20 million per month.