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Inside the Intricate Plan: Unraveling the ₹50 Lakh Delhi Robbery and its 3 Gangs

According to the police, the suspects had been tracking Patel Sajan Kumar for several days and conducted surveillance on Thursday and Friday.
Latest News Updates: In New Delhi, seven individuals have been apprehended following an incident where a delivery agent and his accomplice were held at gunpoint and robbed of ₹50 lakh inside the Pragati Maidan tunnel on Saturday. The victims, Patel Sajan Kumar, a delivery agent from Omiya Enterprises located in Chandi Chowk, and his associate Jigar Patel, were en route to Gurugram to deliver the money to a business partner when the robbery occurred. The entire incident was captured on a security camera positioned within the tunnel, providing visual evidence of the daylight robbery.

According to the police, the suspects had been tailing Patel Sajan Kumar for the past few days and conducted surveillance on Thursday and Friday. Recently, a new video has emerged, revealing the mastermind behind the robbery as Usman. The footage shows Usman shadowing Mr. Kumar outside his office in Chandi Chowk. In the video, Mr. Kumar is seen leaving his office with a bag containing cash on Saturday and getting into a cab bound for Gurgaon.

The police had previously released CCTV footage of the robbery, which depicted four individuals on two motorcycles ambushing the cab as it entered the tunnel on the Ring Road. The two armed robbers, riding as passengers, dismounted from the bikes. One of them aimed a gun at the occupants of the cab, while the other seized the bag of cash from the backseat. They swiftly fled the scene.

Reports indicate that three separate gangs were involved in this audacious robbery in the heart of Delhi. "Following the robbery, members of these three gangs immediately left Delhi," revealed police sources. While seven individuals have been apprehended, authorities are currently searching for three additional suspects who are currently on the run.

The police conducted raids in Delhi, Haryana, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh, resulting in the detention of around 1,600 individuals. Ultimately, they arrested the seven men responsible for the crime.

Regarding the security of the 1.5 km tunnel connecting New Delhi with Sarai Kale Khan and Noida, there are approximately 16 security personnel assigned to guard it. The police confirmed that the security guards were stationed at the entry and exit points of the tunnel at the time of the incident.