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Anand Mahindra captures an iconic selfie with NASA astronaut Sunita Williams and Mukesh Ambani

Anand Mahindra, the renowned chairman of the Mahindra group and a prominent business tycoon, took to Twitter to share an intriguing selfie that quickly captured the interest of social media users.
A historic moment: Anand Mahindra, Sunita Williams, and Mukesh Ambani unite in a stunning selfie
New Delhi: Prominent Indian business moguls, including Anand Mahindra and Mukesh Ambani, graced Washington to partake in the prestigious US State Dinner hosted for Prime Minister Narendra Modi by President Joe Biden. Keeping true to his word, Mahindra delighted his followers with captivating anecdotes from the visit to the United States. Taking to Twitter, the Chairman of Mahindra Group shared a captivating selfie, captured on the streets of Washington.

Anand Mahindra took to Twitter and shared a selfie, accompanied by a witty caption that described the memorable encounter as a "Washington moment." Following a tech handshake meeting, Mahindra, along with Mukesh Ambani and Vrinda Kapoor, found themselves in an amusing situation after missing the group shuttle bus. While attempting to hail an Uber, they unexpectedly ran into NASA astronaut Sunita Williams, leading to an impromptu selfie. The tweet quickly gained traction, accumulating 141.8K views as of the time this article was curated.

In another instance, the Chairman of Mahindra Group utilized Twitter to share additional photos from his visit to the White House. The captivating images showcased the exquisite artwork displayed within the grandeur of the White House, offering a glimpse into Mahindra's experience during the meeting.

Returning to the White House for the morning's 'Tech Handshake' meeting, I found myself immersed in the historical atmosphere of the rooms, each named after a distinct color. Among them, the portrait of President JFK stood out profoundly. Unlike the rest, it was a posthumous painting, capturing a reflective pose that evoked deep emotions.