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Air India Responds to Disturbing Incident: Passenger's In-Flight Misbehavior

According to the filed FIR in Delhi, the cabin crew of the Mumbai-Delhi Air India flight witnessed the passenger's inappropriate behavior and issued a warning in response.
Air India Responds to Disturbing Incident: Passenger's In-Flight Misbehavior
Air India stated that a passenger displayed extremely inappropriate behavior on a flight from Mumbai to Delhi on June 24. After the plane landed in Delhi, the individual was handed over to security personnel. The incident was reported to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), and a police complaint has been filed. The passenger, identified as Ram Singh, allegedly defecated, urinated, and spat in row nine of the aircraft. In response to this misconduct, the cabin crew issued a warning to the passenger and isolated him from others. Unfortunately, there has been an increase in such incidents of unruly behavior by passengers during flights.

According to an airline spokesperson, a passenger aboard flight AI866 from Mumbai to Delhi on June 24 exhibited highly inappropriate behavior, causing discomfort to fellow passengers. The crew responded promptly by isolating the passenger for the remainder of the flight and issuing a warning.

Upon arrival in Delhi, the airline handed over the passenger to security personnel, and a police complaint (FIR) was filed. The incident was also reported to the regulatory authority.

After landing, the passenger was accompanied by the head of Air India security to the nearby police station, where a case was registered under IPC sections 294 (related to obscene acts) and 510 (related to misconduct in public by an intoxicated individual), as stated by the police.

The spokesperson emphasized that Air India maintains a strict zero tolerance policy towards such disruptive and unacceptable behavior. The airline is fully cooperating with the ongoing investigations.