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PM Modi's Historic US Visit: Empire State Building Illuminated in Tri-colour

To celebrate PM Modi's visit to the US, the iconic Empire State Building in New York was adorned in the vibrant hues of the Indian tricolour. As part of his itinerary, Modi is set to participate in a luncheon hosted by the State Department and engage with the Indian community during an event on Friday.
The Empire State Building in New York illuminated itself with the colors of the Indian national flag as a symbolic gesture during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's official visit to the United States. This remarkable display took place in New York City to commemorate the occasion and highlight the significance of PM Modi's State Visit.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has embarked on his inaugural state visit to the United States, graciously invited by President Joseph Biden and First Lady Jill Biden. PM Modi's visit spans from June 21 to June 24, signifying an important milestone in diplomatic relations between the two nations.

On Thursday, PM Modi made his way to the US House of Representatives, where he delivered a speech to the joint session of Congress. During his address, he expressed deep gratitude for the esteemed opportunity to speak before the distinguished members of the US Congress, emphasizing the immense honor it holds.

In his speech, PM Modi underscored India's remarkable economic progress, reflecting, "During my initial visit to the US as Prime Minister, India held the position of the 10th largest global economy. Today, we proudly stand as the 5th largest economy. Moreover, it is only a matter of time before India ascends to become the third-largest economy worldwide... As India flourishes, the positive effects ripple across the entire globe, fostering global growth."

As part of PM Modi's three-day State visit to the United States, the Empire State Building in New York City illuminated itself in the vivid colors of the Indian tricolour. This spectacular display served as a symbol of celebration and solidarity, capturing the significance of the visit in a visually stunning manner.

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On Friday, as part of his official State visit, PM Modi has a busy schedule that includes attending a State Department luncheon and a special Indian community event. The renowned African-American actress and singer, Mary Millben, known for her captivating performances of the Indian National Anthem and devotional songs, will grace the concluding event at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington DC.

In an unexpected turn of events, PM Modi broke away from his usual approach on Thursday at the White House by engaging in a rare occurrence—taking questions from journalists. This departure from his scripted interactions and his country's declining press freedom marks a significant departure from the norm for the Indian Prime Minister.

During his upcoming two-day visit to Egypt starting on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is eagerly anticipated to explore the magnificent 11th-century Al-Hakim Mosque. This visit to the mosque holds a special place in PM Modi's itinerary as it marks the first event on the final day of his program in the bustling capital city of Cairo.