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Kylie Jenner announces new name for son over a year after birth

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott initiated the process to change their son's name in March after realizing that the name Wolf wasn't suitable for their child.
For nearly a year, Jenner, aged 25, and Scott, aged 32, kept the name Aire a secret and undisclosed.
According to a report from People, Kylie Jenner's son is officially named Aire Webster. Initially, Jenner and Travis Scott chose the name Wolf Jacques Webster for their son, but they ultimately had a change of heart after his birth in February 2022.

In March, Kylie Jenner, known for her role in "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," and rapper Travis Scott initiated the process to change their son's name after realizing that Wolf wasn't the appropriate choice for their child.

In March 2022, Kylie Jenner took to her Instagram Story to inform her followers, stating, "Just wanted to let you know that our son's name is no longer Wolf. We simply didn't feel like it truly suited him."

After almost a year of secrecy, Jenner, aged 25, and Scott, aged 32, finally unveiled their son's name, Aire, along with his first photos in January.

Initially, fans were unsure about the pronunciation of the name, but Kylie Jenner cleared the confusion by stating that it is pronounced like the word "air."

Jenner and Travis Scott had an on-and-off relationship starting from 2017, but they reportedly ended things for good earlier this year. Since then, Jenner has been seen spending time with rumored boyfriend Timothee Chalamet, while Scott has sparked speculation of a romantic connection with SZA.