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Delta Plane Emergency: Passengers Safely Evacuated as Aircraft Lands without Nose Gear

Dramatic landing as Delta plane touches down without nose gear. Passengers and crew safely evacuated. Learn more about the remarkable incident.

Latest Updates: A Delta Air Lines airplane made a landing in Charlotte without its front landing gear on Wednesday. Photos shared by passengers on Twitter depict the Boeing 717, used for Delta flight 1092, resting on the runway with emergency slides deployed. According to a tweet, the crew's performance was commendable, as they skillfully brought the aircraft down to the ground.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport said in a tweet that the runway was closed following a mechanical issue with Delta Air Lines.

Delta confirmed that all 96 passengers, along with two pilots and three flight attendants, safely disembarked from the aircraft and were transferred to the terminal using a bus. A Delta spokesperson assured that the safety of their customers and crew is of utmost importance and emphasized the extensive training undertaken by flight crews to handle various situations. They confirmed that Delta flight 1092 landed safely, without any reported injuries. The immediate focus now is to assist the passengers of this flight, including retrieving their belongings and ensuring their safe transportation to their final destinations. Delta expressed apologies to their customers for the incident they encountered.

The airline announced its collaboration with Charlotte airport authorities to promptly remove the aircraft from the runway. Additionally, they expressed their willingness to cooperate fully with any investigations related to the incident.