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Celebrating Elon Musk's 52nd Birthday: A Heartfelt Message from his Mother

On his birthday, Elon Musk, renowned for his savvy social media presence, shared a tweet that read, "42+10." It appears to be a clever way of alluding to his current age.
Maye Musk, the mother of Elon Musk, penned a touching and heartfelt message for her son.

Latest Updates: On his 52nd birthday, technology billionaire Elon Musk received a special tribute from his mother, Maye Musk. She shared some nostalgic snapshots from their family album, featuring an adorable young Elon Musk and a glimpse of past birthday festivities.

In her heartwarming note, Maye Musk conveyed her birthday wishes to Elon with a touching message. She expressed how they had shared an extraordinary 52 years filled with laughter. Maye reminisced about Elon's grandfather, who used to have the words "keep smiling" on his business cards, emphasizing that it has become a cherished tradition within their family.

On his 52nd birthday, Maye Musk, Elon Musk's mother, celebrated her son with throwback photos and a heartfelt message. Reflecting on their remarkable 52-year journey filled with laughter, Maye highlighted a family tradition passed down from Elon's grandfather—keeping a smile on their faces.

Elon Musk, renowned for his impressive social media presence, posted a tweet on his birthday that said, "42+10." It appears to be a clever way of hinting at his current age using simple arithmetic.

In a subsequent tweet, Elon Musk extended his appreciation to all the fans and individuals who had sent him birthday wishes. He expressed gratitude for the kind words received.

Instead of the typical birthday celebration with loved ones, Elon Musk opted for a spontaneous training session with Lex Fridman, a Jiu-Jitsu black belt. Fridman expressed his desire to train with Musk and shared his admiration for the SpaceX CEO's impressive abilities in both standing and ground techniques. According to Fridman's tweet, their impromptu training session lasted for several hours and left him in awe of Musk's strength, power, and skill. It was an extraordinary experience for Fridman.

Shortly after a video showcasing Mark Zuckerberg's Jiu-Jitsu training gained significant online attention, the pictures of Elon Musk's Jiu-Jitsu session surfaced.

In response to a Twitter user's suggestion that Meta (formerly Facebook) might be developing a competitor to the microblogging platform, Elon Musk playfully challenged Mark Zuckerberg to a cage fight.